Learning and teaching activities in Greek meeting

KA2- 2016-1-ES01-KA219-02532
16/O4/2018- 20/04/2018

As expected, the fourth project mobility took place in Greece, in Chortiatis from April 16th to April 20th.

We experienced an intense week that perfectly represented the theme of the project centered on communication through history, culture, customs, food and workshops around themes such as racism.
The connection took place not only through the students of different nationalities and host families. but also through the teachers of the different teams who once again had the opportunity to discuss the work done and what to do in the future. This confrontation also affected the new teaching methodologies according to the technological instruments available. Independently of technological instruments, it has been observed that from Lithuania, to Greece via Spain and Italy, the function of the teacher is to interest and motivate his/her pupils by stimulating their creativity, their curiosity, by pushing them to be open-minded and not to be afraid to confront themselves with some young people of their age and all this by using the English language.

The program has allowed us to immerse ourselves in ancient history by passing from ancient Greece with the small town of Vergina Βεργίνα to the Romans, to discover landscapes such as Mount Olympus and Thessaloniki Bay, to taste the specialties of the region.