Learning and teaching activities in Italian meeting

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18/09/2017- 22/09/2017
From the 18th to the 22nd September 2017, Erasmo da Rotterdam high school hosted 17 foreign students (7 from Spain, 5 from Greece and 5 from Lithuania) with their own teachers (9: 3 for each country) for a project called “ Go4Education: GetConnected!”

During the mobility in Italy, 7 students’ families of 3M- liceo linguistico and 10 of 4M- liceo linguistico hosted them.

Nichelino’s mayor Dott. Tolardo welcomed all the participants to this project . And this event has been published on “Il Mercoledì” newspaper.

They visited the Cinema Museum, the Egyptian Museum and the Car one (MAUTO).They also did a lot of activities such as Occitane dances with the “Piemonte Cultura” association, they made ice-cream, they did Olympic games and they went to Turin and had the Turin trek. They went to Bardonecchia too and also visited the Sacra of San Michele. They discovered Baroque art with Stupinigi Royal Hunting Residence

They did also activities at school such as learning to use Toondoo program. The Spanish, Lithuanian and Greek teachers had the opportunity to present traditional didactic activities to Italian students as well as CLIL activities on Spanish painting. Last night, they had dinner all together tasting good pizza!