Learning and teaching activities in Lithuanian mobility

KA2- 2016-1-ES01-KA219-02532
20/03/2018- 24/03/2018

In March 2017 a group of 16 students of spent a week in Krakes, Lithuania, accompanied by their teachers. They had the opportunity to visit the Lithuanian school, meet the teachers and experience the real school and family life there. The Italian students were hosted in the families of Lithuanian students using English to communicate.

During the stay the students and the teachers spent the mornings at school attending and observing lessons in English in different classes. The English, Economics, Physics and Mathematics teachers taught to different Lithuanian classes. While they were teaching, the other teachers, partners in the project, observed the lesson taking note and underlining the positive and the negative didactic attitudes and aspects. It was a very helpful confrontation and a fruitful exchange of methods and opinions.

The students took also part in sport competitions, they learnt Lithuanian dances, saw people dancing Lithuanian traditional music, wearing folk customes and listened to a school chorus singing songs belonging to the Lithuanian tradition.
As far as visiting concerns, the group was taken to Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania and to Siauliai and to the Hill of Crosses, mirror of Lithuanian history, culture, religion, philosophy of life.
Among the activities undertaken, the students were taught to make candles, they could see the laboratories of craftsmen carving, knitting and weaving. All these manual activities still play an important role in Lithuanian daily life and traditions.