Learning and teaching activities in Spanish meeting

KA2- 2016-1-ES01-KA219-02532
15/O1/2018- 19/01/2018

We met in Spain, in Colindres from January 20th to January 27th.

This week was centered on communication through history, culture, customs, regional food (lots of food!!!) and workshops. We had the opportunity to visit a Spanish school, meet the teachers and experience the real school right there. It was great to see that we used different ways of teaching or different ways of “living” at school.

The programm also allowed us to discover landscapes and ancient history and habits in Northern Spain like in Santillana del Mar or Campoo de Suso where there was an ancient Cantabrian village. We spent time in Bilbao and its market, churches, Sea Museum and the Guggenheim Museum as well. Besides, all the students were involved in extra activities at school, like photography awards or sport competition and had fun!

Everyone communicated in English and the friendships that developed between the students became stronger. The teachers also faced each other on the new didactic methodologies. During the mobility no problem or difficulty appeared. All the families welcomed the students who felt at home.

The teachers taught different lessons about Spanish language and history, Scratch programme, an optical workshop and the students could build bridges with educational materials like K-nex…