2nd General Lyceum of Hortiatis, GREECE


2nd General Lyceum of Hortiatis is state senior secondary school. It is situated on the outskirts of Thessaloniki, at Hortiatis village, in a semi urban, rural, mountainous area. It is a rather small school with 160 students and 18 teachers.

Our students come from various cultural, financial and social backgrounds. Some of them have very few opportunities to travel abroad and their families have been suffering due to financial crisis recently. Moreover, over the last few years, there has been a rise in beliefs of extreme political and social issues.

Most of the students, when they finish school, sit for the National exams for University studies successfully. They have always taken initiatives for projects and cooperations at regional, national and international level. A great majority of our students learn foreign languages and they are very good at it as well as at IT skills. However, there are cases where students have to drop out due to their families’ economic status, who can not support them during and/or after school.

2nd General Lyceum of Hortaitis has participated in various projects in the past, both European and National ones. They have been members of eTwinning platform and there have always been projects on the environment, drama, culture, etc. Their students participate in the European Youth Parliament every year and also have offered voluntary work for various organisations.

One of the major priorities of 2nd General Lyceum of Hortiatis is to open up opportunities for their students and provide a European perspective for them, their studies and their future. This project will fulfil the main scope and the targets set by both teachers and the local community and provide great possibilities for them to explore and integrate European values into their curricula. Students will obtain knowledge, experience and competences to be of great use in their school and their after- school life.