Krakes Mikalojus Katkus gymnasium of Krakes, Lithuania


Our gymnasium provides education for students aged 5-19.It also has three devisions of preschoolers, a kindergarten and primary school which belong to our gymnasium. It is located in the countryside in the middle of Lithuania.Our village Krakes has a population of about 1000 and is surrounded by 8 smaller villages.We have 406 students and 48 teachers.

 Children of different abilities and needs are taught in our school.Our gymnasium has a team of specialists(a psychologist,social pedagogues,special pedagogue and a speech therapist). So, our school does everything to give necessary professional help  to integrate pupils into our community.Also, we try to involve students into various extra-curricular clubs such as drama, dancing, sports and others. Living in the countryside, pupils often complain that they have little choice of leisure activities,their daily routine is boring and that they have little influence on important society’s decisions.Being involved in this project we want to show them that there are lots of interesting ways to become active school community members. Exploring their own traditions,finding out about other countries’ heritage,getting involved in cultural,  social and sport events they will understand that they can be equally interesting to other people.Moreover,students will acquire the basic skills and competencies needed for their personal development,such as working in a team,leadership,communication,English and other languages and ICT.

 Teachers also have great expectations for this project. Sharing teaching practices with teachers from partner countries will ensure the development and  the use of up-to-date methods, it will give the opportunity of implying the knowledge gained during the lessons in practice. Most teachers in our gymnasium speak only Russian as their foreign language and the participation in this partnership will induce learning English as well. We have chosen five pedagogues who work together for the successful implementation of the project:

– teacher of science and mathematics, who is also a class teacher of 15-year-olds.

– teacher of English and a class teacher of 13-year-olds.

– teacher of languages, who works with special group of students with poor school performance and who come from families with the risk of social exclusion.

– teacher of technology and craft, who is also a leader of the local folklore group.

– teacher of PE, who is responsible for teaching healthy habits and promoting traditional sports.

Our gymnasium has taken part in international projects since 2013. We have had three projects.